What is a 4 way speaker?

The 4 way speaker is also known as quad-axial speaker. This form of speaker usually consists of a bass as well as mid-range cone and two tweeters. This additional tweeter can bring this four way speaker produce a better high range sound. Commonly, the 4 way speaker can add a little bit to the overall quality of sound. The 4 way speaker normally uses the four different components in order to make the various frequencies. There are two wires going to this speaker, so the speaker does the internal processing to individualize the frequencies to play via the various woofers and tweeters as well.

Comparison of 3 way Vs 4 way speakers

Comparison of 3 way Vs 4 way speakers

Today, most of the experienced car owners can prefer to have a car speaker in terms of 2 way, 3 way and 4 way car speakers. If you are a newbie to this speaker, first of all, you should understand and know the difference between 3way and 4way speakers and then make your selection process a lot easier for you.

These speakers now come in a wide array of various configurations.

One of the most important things to look for at these speakers is having sub-speakers within themselves. This will bring a complete range of top quality sound, so you have to find wisely is a main key to assuring that you have got the obvious mids and highs in your sound.

The three way speaker is as same as two way speaker along with a speaker for the mid-range of sound. It is one of the starting of extreme upgrades for those who are much caring about the whole extent of their sound, rather than concentrating on just single characteristic. Likewise, the 4 four way speakers are similar to 3 way speakers along with a super tweeter. Clearly, they bring a wider and a cleaner range of the sound, which are your searching for. However, these are all a complete range of car speakers for your audio system.

Bottom line

Hence, when you buy speaker for your care, initially, you must know the comparison of 3 way Vs 4 way speakers and then make a wise decision. The 3 and 4 way speaker is totally distinct from each other, because of variation in number of drivers.